The European Summer School on Clinical Ethics Support Services (CESS) 2017

The European Clinical Ethics Network (ECEN) invites you to:

The European Summer School on Clinical Ethics Support Services (CESS)


2nd Edition

August 27- September 2, 2017

Borca di Cadore -Dolomites, Italy




The European Clinical Ethics Network (ECEN), established in 2005, consists of an European Network of clinical ethics experts who are experienced in practice, research, and training within the field of clinical ethics support services (such as clinical ethics committees, clinical ethics consultations, and moral deliberation). One of its aims is to further improve the quality and professional competence of the experts involved in Clinical Ethics Support Services (CESS) in Europe.

ECEN hereby offers a high quality and intensive European Summer School aimed at developing and improving professional practice for people already active in clinical ethics committees, consultations services and/or moral deliberation. The focus of the training during the ECEN Summer School is to develop a solid ground for clinical ethics activities by improving an existing CESS program in health care institutions or creating new CESS. A variety of possible views, methods, and approaches to clinical ethics support will be presented to both clinical ethics consultants, facilitators in moral case deliberation, and members of clinical ethics committees. This variety of approaches will allow every participant of the ECEN Summer school to further develop his/her own expertise that suits any particular national or institutional context.

Through its European character, the course’s intent is to offer more than the existing expertise and activities on the national level. Comparative perspectives will get presented, such as: the relationship between CESS and their core foundations (e.g. justification, legislation, ethics expertise), the identification of common reasons for CESS existence, its role, and difficulties and resistances to its development or implementation. Furthermore, the Summer school will deal with specific issues newly emerging in clinical practices (e.g. elderly patients, multiculturalism, role of patient and family). Finally, this summer school is not just a one‐way teaching course: participants will be invited to bring in their own experience and expertise as well. Different teaching tools will be utilized (e.g. lectures, workshops, subgroup discussions, structured case deliberations).

The ECEN Summer School will be a good occasion to stimulate exchanges and future cooperation among European colleagues. The last section of the Summer school will be a joint meeting with all ECEN members. It will thereby contribute to another aim of ECEN: to share experiences and stimulate critical reflection on the field of Clinical Ethics Support Services in order to contribute to its professional quality.


Aims of the ECEN Summer School

Candidates will get facilitated to further develop their own professional profile through their own learning style. Candidates will develop their (inter)national professional network in the field of clinical ethics and get the opportunity to be tutored by senior colleagues in the field. Candidates will improve their knowledge and expertise in the field of Clinical Ethics Support Services with respect to the following topics:

  • What is ethics about? What is clinical ethics support?
  • Methods for practicing clinical ethics support
  • Organizational aspects of clinical ethics support
  • Research and quality improvement of CESS
  • Philosophical dimensions of clinical ethics activities


General Programme of the 2017 ECEN Summer school


  • Sunday: Introduction to Summer School
  • Monday: Personal introduction & General typology/structures of CESS
  • Tuesday: Philosophical foundations &Methodological issues
  • Wednesday: Organizational aspects of CESS. Implementation and Evaluation (afternoon free)
  • Thursday: Role of patients/proxies & monitoring quality of CESS
  • Friday: Multiculturalism in CESS
  • Saturday: Departure


+ Each day: One-hour lecture on a topic of general interest (e.g. emotion versus reason, ontology of dilemma, what is a moral problem, what is hermeneutics, evaluation of CESS, ethics & law)

+ Each day: Possibility of individual meetings with a tutor during the afternoon pause


Target audience


People coming from different professional backgrounds with some experience in clinical ethics activities and who (will) have the task or responsibility to (further) develop a CESS program.


Potential candidates (maximum 20‐30 persons)


Preferable professional backgrounds of the candidates

  • Clinicians/nurses, healthcare professionals, social workers, health care administrators
  • Ethicists/philosophers/lawyers
  • Psychologists/Healthcare Pastoral Ministers
  • Others

Minimal requirements (discussed via application form & telephone interviews):

  • Basic knowledge clinical ethics
  • Experience with clinical ethics activities
  • Experience with clinical settings
  • English speaking, reading and basic writing

Candidates should fill in the application form in which they clarify how and where they (will) practice their CEC/MD role.


Selection of Candidates


The Scientific Committee of the ECEN Summer School (see below) is in charge of the programme and will be responsible for the selection of candidates. The diversity of backgrounds and geographical distribution will be taken into account. The committee will try to identify a balanced group in order to guarantee the learning potential of the course. Furthermore, the Committee may privilege candidates with fewer local resources.


Application Form


You will find the application form at the following webpage address:


Dates & Venue of ECEN Summer school

Dates in 2017:     arrival Sunday August 27, 2017 in the evening;

Departure Saturday September 2, 2017in the morning


The venue is located in the amazing surroundings of the Italian Dolomites: Course and full accommodation at “Park des Dolomites” in Borca di Cadore, 15 Km from Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Italian Dolomites (; tel. and fax +39 0436‐890356).



Scientific Committee of the 2017ECEN Summer school


Members of the Scientific Committee:

  • Jean-Philippe Cobbaut, PhD. (

Director of the Centre of Medical Ethics/Faculty of Medicine, Catholic University of Lille (France)

  • Andrea Dörries, MD, CAS‐HSG ( Director of the Zentrum für Gesundheitsethik (ZfG), Hannover (Germany)
  • Geral Neitzke MD, Institute for History, Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine and Clinical Ethics Committee, Hannover Medical School (Germany)
  • Véronique Fournier, MD, PhD. ( Centre for Clinical Ethics, Cochin Hospital, Paris(France)
  • Bert Molewijk, RN/PhD. (

Program Director Moral Deliberation, VUmc Amsterdam

Associate Professor Clinical Ethics, UIO, Oslo(Norway)

Fondazione Lanza, Padova (Italy)

Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy, Rome (Italy)

Associate Professor of Legal Medicine, University of Padova (Italy)-Fondazione Lanza, Padova (Italy)



Costs, application, deadline


The fee is €950 per person for the whole week. The fee includes teaching material, single room accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It does not include travel expenses. Additional days before or after the course will be covered by the participants. About this contact the Local organizer or the Hotel.


The deadline for application is April 30, 2017. Applications will be examined by the Scientific Committee. A telephone interview will be set up if necessary. You will receive a definitive answer at the latest by May 31, 2017.

To apply for the ECEN Summer School:

  1. A) Send the application form to;
  2. B) If you are accepted you can pay the fee to the bank account number mentioned below:


Bank account information:

o IBAN: IT63U0103012157000001299854


o Bank account holder: Renzo Pegoraro

Bank Address: Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Via tre Garofani 62A – 35124 Padova – italy

o Please do not forget to mention “ECEN Summer school 2017”.

When the money arrives, you get a formal and definitive confirmation.


Cancellation policy

In case you have to cancel your participation, you can only get your fee back if there is somebody else on the waiting list. Subscription confirmation is personal and cannot be transferred to other persons/colleagues.


Local organizer (Contacts & further information)

If you have additional questions, remarks or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the Scientific Committee.

For specific information:

We hope we have informed you well so far and we are looking forward to an inspiring Summer School!

Best wishes,

 The Scientific Committee of the ECEN Summer school 2017