1st ECEN Open Forum Day, Lille, 1 October 2014

We hereby welcome you to participate on the first ECEN Open Forum Day on clinical ethics support at the first of October in Lille (France) this year (2014). We expect an informal exchange among various professionals with clinical and research experience in the field of clinical ethics support (maximum of 50 participants). Those who want to attend this Open Forum Day please register as soon as possible (first come first serve). Those who want to actively present something or take part in a joint workshop, please submit your proposal separately (see below). Contributions are more than welcome. Final decisions about the program will be send to you before the 8th of September 2014.

Please correspond with Pierre Boitte, host of the Open Forum Day, for registration or any question or remark: pierre.boitte@univ-catholille.fr

Best wishes and hope to see you in Lille,

The ECEN Open Forum Day working group,

Pierre Boitte (host), Anne Slowther, Jan Schildmann, Samia Hurst, Bert Molewijk

With the ECEN Open Forum Day ECEN hopes:

  • To exchange and share ideas and experiences with colleagues who have experience in CESS or who are just about to implement or have already implemented CESS structures;

  • To inform colleagues about the ECEN and its work regarding clinical ethics support and services (CESS);

  • To make CESS practices better known outside the ECEN network;