ECEN Summerschool on Clinical Ethics Support Services, 2-8 September 2012

2 september 2012, 10:30 – 19:00 | Borca di Cadore, 15 Km from Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italian Dolomites | ECEN Summerschool

ECEN offers a high quality and intensive European Summer School in developing or improving their practice for people already active in clinical ethics committees, consultations
services and/or moral deliberation. The focus of the training during the ECEN Summer School is to develop a solid ground for practicing clinical ethics activities by improving an existing CESS program in health care institutions or by creating a new CESS.

A variety of possible views, methods and approaches to clinical ethics support will be presented for both clinical ethics consultants, facilitators in moral case deliberation and members of clinical ethics committees. The variety will allow every participant of the ECEN Summer school to further develop his/her own expertise that suits his/her national or institutional context. Through its European character, this course offers more than existing expertise and activities on the national level. Comparative perspectives will get presented, such as: the relationship between CESS and their core foundations (e.g. justification, normativity, ethics expertise), the identification of common reasons for and roles of CESS, and difficulties and resistances to develop or implement CESS. Furthermore, the Summer school will deal with specific issues newly emerging in clinical practices (e.g. elderly patients, multiculturalism, role of patient and family). Finally, this summerschool is not just a oneway teaching course: participants will get invited to bring in their experience and expertise as well. Various didactic measures will get used (e.g. lecture, workshop, subgroup discussions, structured case deliberation).

The ECEN Summer School will be a good occasion to stimulate exchanges and future cooperation among European colleagues. The last part of the Summer school will be a joint meeting with all ECEN members. It thereby contributes to another aim of ECEN: share experiences and stimulate critical reflection about the field of Clinical Ethics Support Services in order to contribute to its professional quality.