2nd ECEN Open Forum Day, Sardinia, 16 September 2015

Information and program for Wednesday 16th of September 2015

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

We hereby invite you to attend and contribute to the second ECEN Open Forum Day!

The European Clinical Ethics Network (ECEN) was founded in 2005 by Veronique Fournier (Paris) and Bert Molewijk (VUmc Amsterdam) in order to share both clinical and research experiences regarding clinical ethics support in general (such as: clinical ethics consultation and moral case deliberation). The increasing prominence of these activities within the domain of clinical ethics necessitates transparency and improvements with respect to theory, methodology, quality and results of research of clinical ethics support services. The ECEN is a small working group consisting of approximately 27 members from 12 European countries. The ECEN meets twice a year.

The Open Forum Day is organized prior to the EACME conference (see http://www.eacme2015.org/en-us/). This Open Forum Day is organized by and for people with experience in the practice, research and training of clinical ethics support. Please share your clinical experiences, research designs & plans, results and questions with your professional peers within the field of Clinical Ethics Support Services (CESS) and submit an abstract for a presentation, case-report, research proposal etc.

With the ECEN Open Forum Day the ECEN hopes:

  • To exchange and share ideas and experiences with colleagues who have experience in CESS or who are just about to implement or have already implemented CESS structures;

  • To inform colleagues about the ECEN and its work regarding clinical ethics support and services (CESS);

  • To make CESS practices better known outside the ECEN network.

We hope to see you in Sardinia !

Bert Molewijk, Pierre Boitte, Cristina Gavrilovici, Jan Schildmann & Anne Slowther (the ECEN Steering Group)