ECEN has regular meetings which provide an occasion for ECEN members for an exchange on their current work in clinical ethics and a platform for joint initiatives. In addition ECEN has organised symposia on clinical ethics as part of scientific conferences and further events to bring together researchers in clinical ethics.

Upcoming events:


European Clinical Ethics Network (ECEN) – 5th Open Forum Day – Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5th of September 2018

With the ECEN Open Forum Day the ECEN hopes:

  • To exchange and share ideas and experiences with colleagues who have experience in Clinical Ethics Support Services (CESS) who are just about to implement or have already implemented CESS structures (clinical case presentation or general experience with CESS);
  • To exchange evaluation research with respect to CESS.
  • To exchange empirical Research and/or education experience in CESS
  • To inform colleagues about the ECEN and its work regarding clinical ethics support and services (CESS);

You are invited to join us and share your clinical experiences, research designs & plans, results and questions with your professional peers within the field of CESS and submit an abstract for a presentation, case-report, research proposal etc.

 Please check this website for further information for Registration & Participation

Past Events

4th ECEN Open Forum Day, Barcelona, 6 September 2017

3rd ECEN Open Forum Day, Leuven, 7 September 2016

2nd ECEN Open Forum Day, Sardinia, 16 September 2015

1st ECEN Open Forum Day, Lille , 1 October 2014

ECEN Summerschool on Clinical Ethics Support Services, 2-8 September 2012